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Solar Services

Starting from project conception to project execution and moving on to offering advice on Operation and Maintenance aspects, Sy-energy recommends cost-effective and quality solutions.

We also help you set up Solar as a new business as well as build existing capability, across the many functions involved, from sales, design, procurement, execution, O&M to related tasks like finance, performance monitoring etc. With new opportunities opening up in India, this is the most sought after area of my services (also having done three times over).

And if you are looking for strategic business alliance or business development in India or across Globe, we could help.

Clients include companies from 20 to 120,000 people, revenue of US$1m to 35b, which work only in one country to more than 50 countries, 2 year old to 100 years old, in the domain of electrical, civil, mechanical, and multi areas like cement, textiles, infra to manufacturing, food processing, consulting, education & training services. Companies who are already into solar business are also our clients, for whom business development, partner/technology explorations are our key inputs.

Some of the successful large businesses directly responsible towards me are:

1.A startup (3.5 years: Sterling and Wilson 150MW plus sales/EPC from scratch, making it the largest solar EPC company in India) and

2.Scaling up (1 year: 100MW) in existing solar EPC biz, for Waaree Energies, India's largest module manufacturing company.

Sy-energy believes in hand-holding its customers from start to finish. Integration with the customer, quality consciousness and right use of energy blend together in Sy-energy’s solutions.

Sy-energy offers specialized services in Solar related projects of MW / KW (grid and off grid) size and for hybrid projects. Our services include,

1. Project Pre- feasibility and Detailed Project Reports
2. Project bidding consulting
3. Owner's and Lender's Engineering services
4. Performance monitoring and correction consulting
5. Quality verification at design stage, for inward material flows and at the execution level
6. O&M management

Innovation and start up support

Startup Mentorship and advisory services in

  • Ideation and it's vetting, including critical feedback
  • Strategy - devising the strength and weaknesses of a business
  • Business plan - creation help to vetting
  • Incubation - act as a guardian
  • Sales and Marketing: Go To market support
  • Funding/investment support
  • IoT in Energy, Agritech, Health, Mobility/Connected vehicle, Industry 4.0 and smart cities

Sy-energy also brings financial expertise to its clients in its offering of

a. Investment advisory services and
b. Merger and Acquisition related consulting


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