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Product manufacturers/suppliers: Please contact for business development, market survey, market seeding and setting up your marketing and sales channel, along with training to the local team.

Some of the products and related services of interest are:

  • Solar power electronics:
    • Inverters: off grid, grid tie, hybrid inverters, central/string/micro inverters,
    • Control: DG synchronization / fuel savers, energy optimization
    • Chargers: MPPT battery chargers: series, shunt
  • Monitoring and control - the recent developments
  • IoT hybrid inverters and load management
  • Power line, wireless and wired communication
  • Water pumping, vaccine storage, telecom
  • Consumer application
  • Innovative racking and structures related methods, designs
  • Modules: all technologies, including PERC, PV-thermal

We aggregate many small system integrators requirments' to obtain higher volume better negotiated price and common quality control which happens to BOM and manufacturing process level.

  • Design tools and applications, devices
  • ERP and organizational software specific to solar
  • Drone and other modern (IR) O&M practice
  • Wind turbines 4 to 400KW+


Related resources you can seek advice on

  • Products: Solar modules, inverters, structures, testing equipment, O&M equipment, software
  • Application: water Pumps, lanterns, toys, car ventillators, phone chargers, etc.